Addict Tackle Fishing Report - 14th April

Addict Tackle Fishing Report - 14th April - Addict Tackle

With some favorable weather, the last week have seen boats getting out offshore with some great catches being seen. 
Starting south of Tweed we are still seeing some good numbers of Spanish Mackerel on the close reefs around Pottsville, also down Evans Heads good numbers of Mackerel on the close reefs with Snapper and Trag Jew starting to come on the bite.
Coming up the coast to the Tweed area we have seen some great numbers of Wahoo getting caught this week off the coast with the best method being trolling hard body lures such as the Zerek Speed Donkey with most colors in the range producing well, Spanish Mackerel have gone a bit quiet with only a couple being seen in the last couple weeks down this end of the coast. 
Try around the 40-80m mark along the coastline which has been producing some great numbers of bottom fish like Snapper, Tuskfish and Trag Jew, with the best form of hooks these would be using a paternoster rig or float lining pilchards.
Further, north closer to the Seaway have seen Spanish Mackerel still hanging in around Gravel Patch and Diamond Reef best method to catching these have been trolling hard body lures such as the Nomad DTX Minnows or slow trolling dead baits such as Bonito and Garfish. 
Just inside the Seaway this week have seen some Tailor, queenies, and Trevs with the occasional Yellow Tail Kingfish being seen smashing bait, so might be worth have a flick along the rock walls with some stick baits to try to entice some of these species for a hookup! 
Longtail Tuna are still going crazy all up and down the coast getting caught as close in as off the rocks on most headlands out to the close reefs with GT Ice Creams and Trolling hard bodies being the go-to lures! 

For the inshore fishos, we have seen a good number of the inshore species coming on the bite, starting south of the tweed Bream and Tailor have been caught off the beach down Evans head, with all the bread and butter species like Bream, Whiting, and Flathead being caught in the lower reaches at Evans and also Pottsville.
Tweed River has also seen some good Bream, Flathead, and Jewies in the lower reaches of the river and also along the beaches.
Up around the Broadwater and north, you will get some sand whiting along the sandbanks and also a feed of squid around the weed banks of Wave Break Island and Charis Seafood. 
Sandbanks and drop-offs North of Crab Island towards Tipplers and further up towards the pin have started seeing some good numbers of Flathead and Whiting. Flathead has been favoring the soft plastics in the 3-4 inch size being either a curly tail or Jerkshad style lure working the best, Mullaway has been starting to show up in the deep holes around the Pin Bar.

Mud Crabs are on the move around Jacobs Well and Southport. 

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