Gold Coast Fishing Report 21st June 2019

Gold Coast Fishing Report 21st June 2019 - Addict Tackle

Fishing and weather report for the Tweed, Gold Coast and parts of the bay.

Well it looks like the perfect winter weather is eluding us this week. Over 10kts of southerlies all week and 2-3ft of SSE swell. Strong chance of showers from Sunday arvo till Thursday. Low temps this week will make for really cold fishing. 

*Ant's pick* The river mouths on Monday with the rain forecasted will get those Mulloway sitting around and along the rock walls. Soaking live pike, mullet, yakka’s or slimmies will be the go.

Fri: 9kts of SSW will peak @ 20kts of S around sunset.

Sat: 17kts of SSW will hang all day.

Sun: 14kts of SSW will peak @ 17kts of S in the arvo.

Mon: 13kts of SSW will peak @ 15kts of S in arvo.

Tue: 10kts of S will peak @ 15kts of SSE in arvo.

Wed: 12kts of S will peak @ 14kts of SSE in arvo.

Thur: 12kts of S will peak @ 15kts of SE in arvo.

Swell for Tweed bar. 
Fri: 2-3ft of SE @ 9sec. 
Sat: 2-3ft of SSE @ 9sec. 
Sun: 2-3ft of SSE @ 5sec 
Mon: 2-3ft of SSE @ 9sec. 
Tues: 2-3ft of SSE @ 7sec. 
Wed: 2-3ft of SSE @ 9 sec

Tides for Tweed bar:
Fri: 6:02am 0.5mL 11:39am 1.2mH 
Sat: 6:45am 0.6mL 12:26pm 1.2mH 
Sun: 7:30am 0.6mL 1:18pm 1.2mH 
Mon: 8:16am 0.6mL 2:19pm 1.2mH
Tue: 9:06am 0.6mL 3:25pm 1.2mH
Wed: 9:55am 0.6mL 4:29pm 1.3mH 
Thur: 10:42am 0.5mL 5:25pm 1.4mH

Major bite times Tweed: 
*Rating in 🐟*
Fri: 🐟🐟
1:57pm - 3:57pm 
Sat: 🐟🐟
2:44pm - 4:44pm 
Sun: 🐟
3:28pm - 5:28pm 
Mon: 🐟 
4:11pm - 6:11pm 
Tue: 🐟
4:54pm - 6:54pm 
Wed: 🐟🐟
5:35pm - 7:35pm 
Thurs: 🐟🐟
6:18pm - 8:18pm

Night/day temps and rain:
Fri: 12-21• 60% 1-5mm
Sat: 8-19• 25% 1mm 
Sun: 9-20• 45% 1-5mm
Mon:9-19• 70% 5-10mm
Tue: 11-20• 80% 5-10mm
Wed:11-20• 75% 5-1mm
Thur: 11- 21• 60% 1-5mm

Moon: waning gibbous 
Fri: 84% 
Sat: 76%
Sun: 68% 
Mon: 59% 
Tue: 50% last quarter. 
Wed: 40% 


Very low all week.

* The reason I add UV each week is so it will help you in choosing lure colours. Bright UV colours on cloudy days will fish well. Where less UV on bright days fish better. A UV touch will also help with this.

Barometric pressure @ 1020hpa

Its not looking the best this week for offshore. 2-3ft of SSE swell. Early morning low tides and over 10kts forecasted all week. Offshore will be very hard. But Most bigger snaps are still out wider. 36’s and out to 100m. Mainly on jigs. 300g pitch shifts working well. Still a few good pan sized mixed reefies, there are still a few good spangled emperor, tusk fish, pearlies, one spot sea peach ( finger mark) pig fish, squire/ snapper, cobia and Mulloway to be caught on close reefs and reefs out to the 100m line. Live baits for Mulloway and cobia. Looks for the bait and use drift baits, plastics, micros, octa jigs and live baits for best action. A few packs of Mack tuna around. Look for the birds for the best packs. 30-60g and 100mm popper and stick baits Metals working best this week. Still AJ, sambo’s and king out wide on rocks and wrecks in 100- 200m jigs and live baits working best. Still bar cod, bass grouper and odd blue eye out wide. 450m to 600m. Still schools of tailor running up the coast. So look to the close reef off palmy and mermaid over the next few days for Jew and cobia. Still lots of tailor, pike, yakka’s, odd small pack of slimmies, Bonnie’s and Watson’s leaping Bonnie’s on most real close reefs for bait. 20g metals, plastics, bait jigs and unweighted baits working best for fresh bait.

Lots of squid still around this week. Weed beds, reefs and broken ground or both fishing best with warm jacket jigs, strike point jigs and hot spot jigs. High glow for cloudy days. Adding scent will increase your catch rate. Try mud island, peel, Dunwich, Mcleay, coochie, the reefs in the north side, Shorncliffe, Wynnum, mainly, wello and Vicky point around the top of the tide for a kraken. Mixed reefies and odd big snap working their way onto artificial reefs, wrecks, rock ledges, rocks and deep shale trenches. Drift baits, plastics and butterflied yakka’s fishing best. A few pretty boy (Watson’s leaping) Benito in the bay this week. Look at harries and north peel. Live baits of a night fishing well. Port still fishing well. Threddies and Jew in vibes, blades, plastics and live baits. Tailor around the shallow reefs. Small metals and plastics and half pillies, strip baits and white baits fishing best. Some really good flatfish being caught up in the skinny water around the bay islands this week. Plastics and vibes fishing best.

The Jew are still moving around feeding up on all the different bait this week. They are loving this colder weather. They still seem to be stacked up under the bridges and pylons and around some of the deeper holes. But look to the rock walls with the rain forecasted this week. They will stack up around the rock walls. Pin, seaway, tweed and Brunswick mouths all having Jew taken this week. Best way to get one out of the rock wall or pylons is by working micro’s, vibes, blades, plastics during the day past the pylons and rock walls and hope one comes out or vertically jigging the holes is also producing the soapies. Soaking live baits of a night also working well around the bridges and holes. Lots of packs of trevally and tailor feeding up on all the bait and fry. Plastics, surface lures, small metals, micro jigs and trolled hards working best. The flathead are starting to push up into the shallows. Working draining sand banks, weed beds and drains are starting to fish well. Plastics, blades, vibes, hardz and drifting yabbies and worms working well. The bream are getting thick. Fishing holes, rock walls, bridges, jetties, pontoons and any structure such as oyster racks with small artificial’s and baits with 3- 15lb leader. 3 for artificial’s and up to 15lb for bait will see you scoring some great silver dinner plates. Mullet gut, strip baits, white bait, pilchards, squid and prawns all catching bream this week. Squid around the weed beds in the broady. Warm jacket jigs working best. Dusk and dawn fishing well.

Some solid dart, a few tailor, bream, flathead and trevally in the deeper gutter along the goldy and tweed coast still this week. Metals, baits such as white bait, pillies, worms and small strip baits working best. Odd Jew on live baits in the same gutters and around the head lands. A few tailor, squire, bream and trevally around the head lands. Metals and popper/ stick baits and white bait, strip baits and pillies working well around dusk and dawn. Working some of the smaller gutter with small metals, plastics and small baits at low tide been producing some great light gear action. Fingal, kingy, around black rocks, Currumbin and kirra all producing.

The dam is still on fire. It’s still producing PB’s nearly everyday. Some large bass being taking this week. Jigs and plastics fishing best this week. Around the timber in 8-15m of water. 20g slow pitch, flat blat, flutter jigs and 3inch paddle tails fishing best. Vertically jigging over the schools fishing best. High barometric pressure and the cool water temp has them schooled up and hungry. Still the odd one working vibes along the tree lines. Odd one at sun up on the surface and jig spins too.


Thanks and credit to Ant from Fishing Fun Gold Coast for the report. Get regular updates from Ant here -

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