Ecogear ZX Series Blade Fishing Lure | 40mm

Ecogear ZX blade fishing lures are ideal for targeting a large range of fish species that reside in habitats such as: Inlets, Bays, lakes, rivers etc. ZX blades are capable for tackling anything from bream, whiting and flathead in the saltwater through to perch and Australian Bass in the fresh but it is not just limited to these select few species. Pretty much any fish that will take a prawn or shrimp for a meal will take a ZX Blade.

The design of the Ecogear blade combines attributes that allow the angler fishing this lure to have upmost control, strength, appeal and hook set ability when fishing over a large array of structures and depths.

Ecogear ZX blade fishing lures have strategically positioned tow points to provide different actions as per the angler’s desire and it comes rigged ready to fish with two assist style hooks that allow the Ecogear ZX shrimp blade fishing lure to be fished even over the harshest terrain with ease.


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