Wilson ATC Virtuous Spin Reel

ATC Virtuous Reel

New to the ATC range of reels is the Virtuous - a range of reels that combine a host of features to make them tough, dependable and affordable.

An aluminium body and rotor ensure these reels are built to last, while the 9 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings give these reels a smooth feel that doesn't wear the angler down. Add into this an ergonomic handle for the ultimate in comfort when fighting large fish and the Virtuous is looking like one of those reels that will stand the test of time.

But all of these comforts are backed up by a brilliant and exceptionally smooth dual drag system. This system is built to provide two drag surfaces on the top and underneath the spool, allowing for ultra-fine adjustments and exceptional smoothness. The dual drag system also means that when you need to wind up the drag, the ability is there to give you some real stopping power.

Sizes range from the 2000 light line special all the way up to a 10000 that swallows almost 500m of PE4 line and has a max drag of 20kg.

models for when line recovery speed or lure speed is an important factor!

Size Description Bearings Ratio Line Cap Weight
2000 ATC Virtuous Reel 2000 9 + 1 5.2:1 PE2:200 275g
3000 ATC Virtuous Reel 3000 9 + 1 5.2:1 PE2:240m 280g
4000 ATC Virtuous Reel 4000  9 + 1 5.2:1 PE3:260m 320g
5000 ATC Virtuous Reel 5000  9 + 1 5.2:1 PE3:290m 325g
8000 ATC Virtuous Reel 8000  9 + 1 4.9:1 PE4:370m 505g
10000 ATC Virtuous Reel 10000 9 + 1 4.9:1 PE5:330m 515g

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