Abu Garcia 3 Way Tool Bag Waterproof Charcoal

The Abu 3Way Tool Bag Water Proof can be used in various water activities as it is hard to get in even if it is splashed with water such as boat fishing and boats. The inner bag with removable protective material allows the partition plate to move freely, so you can arrange it according to the luggage you put in.

Another feature of the outer liner bag is that it can be easily wiped off even if wet items are put in. Handles are attached to both sides so that it can be easily taken out even in a recessed place such as inside a car. 


- Excellent flexibility
- Excellent abrasion resistance
- Easily cleanable inside and out
- Charcoal / black colour


- Width: 44.5cm
- Depth: 18cm
- Height: 20cm
- Material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) lightweight film

*Please note that it is not completely waterproof. (Using waterproof material, water does not pass from the joint between the material and the body by crimping, but there is a case that water may enter inside the body due to the high water pressure on the joint of the fastener slider and the waterproof fastener. )

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