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Atomic Real Baitz 200mm

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Atomic Real Baitz 200mm - 115g

A very remarkable development from the Atomic stable are Real Baitz. This range's distinguishing feature is its lifelike likeness to our most recognisable bait species in terms of form, feel, and colour. We replicated several of the most popular bait species precisely, down to their fins, using 3D scanners and printers. To make sure that the lures swim like the genuine thing, we also meticulously created the tail shapes.

Real Baitz have the exact anatomical characteristics of the species, down to the colours and swimming motion of the lure. They are weighted to make sure the lure sinks on the drop while swimming downward. Like a fish, they can be caught.

Soft plastic is responsive to rod lifts and even a delayed burnback to the angler.