Berkley Bigeye Blade


The Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lure was designed by gun angler Matt Fraser. Unlike other blade lures the Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lure incorporates a small sonic rattle chamber into its body to really send the fish crazy.

The blades natural vibrating and shimmering action combined with the inbuilt sonic rattle chamber creates an incredible fish attracting sound that attracts the attention of any predator in the area.

The Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lure also has oversized 3D eyes as well as multi positional tow points that produce different actions, vibrations and sounds with varying retrieve speeds. The Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lure also has dual tail hook positioning points making this an extremely versatile lure design. The Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lures are sold in a twin pack so you’re purchasing 2 quality blades both rigged with super sharp owner trebles and ready for action!

The Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lures can be used for species such as Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Trevally, Mulloway and Estuary Perch just to name a few. Almost all estuary species are going to want to have chew on the Berkley Big Eye Blades! But the action doesn’t just lie in the saltwater as these little ripper’s are sure to make it happen on Bass and other freshwater perch species as well as Trout on the impoundments and rivers.


  • 2 lures per package
  • 35mm in length and weighing 1/6 oz.
  • Quality Owner trebles – for tackle you can rely upon to be strong and sharp
  • Multiple Tow point for varying action and sound
  • Dual tail hook positioning
  • Oversized 3D eyes
  • Body has small inbuilt sonic rattle chamber for added sound

Note: Price is for one packet only. Choose colour when ordering. Multiple images for illustration only.


  • The Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lure has a huge advantage over other blade lures due its ability to change action and sound to suit the conditions and fish on the day, no need to change lures when it’s not going to plan, just change the action by changing tow points and speed.
  • The Berkeley Big Eye Blades also have the added benefit of the sonic rattle chamber that is sure to tempt even the most skittish predators out from their comfort zone.
  • When it comes to the strike you know your hooks will find their mark with the high quality Owner trebles that are sharp and strong.

So order yourself some Berkley Big Eye Blade Fishing Lures and let the results blow your mind!


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