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Berkley PowerBait Nemesis Soft Plastic 4in

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Berkley PowerBait Nemesis Soft Plastic

Berkley needs little introduction. No doubt you have any number of the famous lures in your kit. We’d assume you would have a Jerkshad. We’d bet the house on you having a grub tail. What we want to do, is introduce you to the hybrid of these two prolific performers, the Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures 4 inch.

Essentially it is a combination of the Jerkshad and the Grub. As you see in the pictures the Nemesis is essentially the Jerkshad profile with the grub tail. Blending the best qualities of these two lures was a masterstroke. The results have been phenomenal and sales are going through the roof. Why? It’s simple. It works brilliantly. You will catch more fish using a Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures 4 inch.

Of course the magical plastic is infused with the Berkley exclusive power bait scent. This scent has been a revelation and has turned good lures into great lures. The scent is responsible for fish holding onto the bait on strike 18 times longer than comparable products. This is why the scent is so successful. Fish simply hang on to the bait longer giving you more time to set hooks. Strikes almost always turn into hook ups. From Bream to Flathead, they’re devastating.

There are few fish in the ocean that won’t attack a Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures. Its 4 inch size makes it ideal for the estuaries, rivers and lakes but will certainly prove useful out past the heads depending on your jig head and rig. It’s certainly worth mentioning that while the Berkley Powerbait Nemesis Lures were designed for the salt you can expect it will work wonders in the fresh on species like Bass, Perch and impoundment Barra.

There are some great colours and each pack contains 6 lures. Stock up now, hit the water and start casting and find out for yourself what the fuss is all about.

  • Type: Soft Plastic jerk shad / wriggler tail hybrid profile
  • 4 Inch Size
  • Infused with Berkley Powerbait Scent to make the fish hold on longer upon bite
  • Qty: 6 Lures / Pack
  • Suitable for: Fishing either freshwater or saltwater – great for lakes, rivers and even shallow reefs. Ideal target species include yellowbelly, bass, flathead, snapper, bream, perch, cod and more.
  • Recommended Jig head hook size: #1 to #1/0 (guide only)