Big Yella Time Mazzy Vib FORTE Fishing Lure

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The Big Bro of the original Mazzy Vib. This up scaled model at 100mm and 50g is to target the large species of the fishing world.

The action is an exact copy of the original with is tail up at rest on the bottom and the wide thumping pitch and roll the Mazzy Vib range is known for.

Designed to target Murray cod, Barramundi, Jewfish and even monster Golden perch.

Durin the proto type and testing phase this lure accounted for numerace cod over the metre mark, and dozens of Yellas over 60cm.

Largest cod caught was 118cm and the largest Golden perch was 63cm.

Lets see what you will catch with the Mazzy Vib FORTE.

Success is no accident.


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