Chasebaits 125mm Poddy Mullet Lure

The Chasebaits Poddy Mullet Lure is a master stroke in fishing lure design. It’s a must have for every River, lake and estuary angler seeking a bigger class of catch around the inshore waters.

For many of us the Poddy Mullet was probably the first live bait we ever used. We had hours of fun catching them in traps or nets in the shallows, in drains, inlets and lake-side shorelines. It was probably responsible for your first monster flathead catch. The Chasebaits Poddy Mullet lure is amazingly realistic and provides access to a huge range of fish. From the salt to brackish and fresh the Chasebaits Poddy Mullet Lure for sale now will earn top billing in your lure arsenal as the consummate all-rounder.

At 125mm and 30 grams, the likeness is unbelievable. Active side fins add to the realistic action and an amazing colour finish allow you to hone your rig to conditions and the creative angler can work it using number of enticing retrieves. In the fresh, aggressive Cod will smash it. Impoundment Barra will hit them hard out of sheer bad temper. In the salty stuff, sky’s the limit but large Flathead, Jacks, Snapper, Trevally, Tailor, Aussie Salmon and Mulloway will all have a very serious go at it.

It’s so easy for the novice. A simple slow retrieve with the odd twitch will work wonders. The experienced lure angler will get plenty of action from it. The unique feature is the underbelly magnet that holds the treble in place, assisting in avoiding snags. The treble is also fitted with a flash blade creating further enticement. At 30 grams, the Poddy is a dream to cast and will allow you to fish a touch heavier.

Fish it in dams, from break walls, in rivers and right throughout the estuaries. Its heavy enough to cast the beach gutters and will also produce big surprises outside the heads. Grab yourself one today or if your wallet allows why not splurge all out and grab a full range of colours then get casting.


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