Cranka Lures Single Hook Cranka Crab

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This Single Hook Model CRANKA Crab is a ‘World First’ 100% modular Crab lure design. Every component on this lure is fully interchangeable by the end user. Our Single Hook Crab lure is supplied fully assembled and ready to fish straight out of the packet, it comes packaged in eight different field proven natural Crab colours as standard. Alternatively, each of our Single Hook Crab lures can be easily pulled down piece by piece, allowing the end user to simple mix and match components between each standard lure colour. Our unique modular design allows the end user to accurately match natural Crab colours that they may find in the local area that they fish. This unique modular lure design allows for countless different Crab colour combinations to be created and allows the user to easily change every component in the lure, from the hook, to the legs, to the claws with ease.

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