Daiwa Saltist Coastal Spin Rod

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The Daiwa Saltist has been synonymous with the Daiwa saltwater range for over a decade, the Daiwa Saltist Coastal range is designed and built to handle the punishment from the coastal environment. Inshore lure fishing with soft plastics and hard bodies with smaller reels and braids has evolved that the need for a specialist range of light tackle rods is required, with that in mind we introduce the Saltist Coastal rod series.

From the ground up the Daiwa Saltist Coastal  rods have a solid base and HVF carbon.. HVF is Daiwa’s answer, the low resin, high strength and density carbon creates a blank that is stripped of unwanted weight to make it incredibly light, sensitive and responsive. More muscle and less fat is the name of the game with HVF and the new Daiwa Saltist Coastal series.

The Saltist Coastal rods have a slim and powerful design ithat s further enhanced with the latest X45 and 3DX technologies, eliminating blank distortion and twist to fully unleash the maximum power and performance of the blank.

One of Daiwa’s newest blank technologies, 3DX, adds another level of refinement tothe Saltist Coastal rods already impressive blank performance and design. This is an innovation in lower blank strength and support, 3DX supports the lower power section of the rod and features a densely packed three direction carbon fibre weave that distributes power evenly in all directions, thus allowing the blank to maintain its form when under load. When using the Daia Saltist Coastal rods you will notice the 3DX increases the power and eliminates blank twist and collapse which allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the rod for more power and less fatigue on you.

Working seamlessly in the Saltist Coastal rods is X45 which this further eliminates blank twist and distortion to the whole rod, increasing rod strength, function, and sensitivity. By eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form, X45 and 3DX allows a lighter a small diameter blank to be made, and lighter more dynamic rod to be created.

By combing the latest in Daiwa blank technology with a well designed range of models the Saltist Coastal opens up a whole new world for the inshore saltwater lure angler.


  • HVF
  • Fuji Alconite Guides
  • Fuji reel seats
  • V Joint

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