Daiwa Steez Metal Vibe

Adding to the already successful range of Steez baits, the new Steez Blade isn’t going to disappoint with many features that make it stand apart from the competition. 

The ultra-thin body gives maximum vibration whilst maintaining a tight compact action. Placing the majority of the weight forward on the head means this blade can be worked with either a slow roll or hopping action with minimal rod movement needed to get it to start vibrating. In conjunction with its straight shimmy on the drop, this versatile bait is dynamite for species like bass, bream and yellowbelly. With 90% of bites coming on the fall, it was crucial to produce a blade with the correct falling action. The tow-point has been specifically located on the bait for all styles of retrieves in mind.

Available in three sizes 3.5g, 5g and 7g, and four colours specifically designed for our Australian species and conditions, you're sure to find a blade to suit your style of fishing. 

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