Fin Nor Lethal Spin Rod

Fin-Nor Lethal Spinning Reels with Half Price Lethal Rods.

The Fin-Nor Lethal series of high-performance spinning reels, according to independent tackle review and testing centers, could well be one of the best value saltwater spinning reels in the world today. All sizes in the Lethal series offer everything you need in a durable saltwater reel at a very affordable price.

The complete series of Lethal spinning reels have been engineered for targeting big fish perfectly suited to all saltwater situations, and capable of tackling even the toughest and fastest species available.

Fin-Nor's tough-as-nails Lethal spin reels offer large line capacities, a robust build and a tough multi-stack MegaDrag with carbon fibre washers that are sealed against water intrusion. The Lethal spin reel series has a tough slimline aluminium body and side plate. They are ready for fishing braid, too, with a rubber braid ring fitted to the bearing-supported aluminium spool.

The stainless steel main shaft has a tough support design and the gear set-up includes a brass pinion gear and alloy main gear.

All models have a solid bail wire and a line roller bearing. The Lethal spin reel design incorporates six double-shielded stainless steel bearings plus one Mega-Lock instant anti-reverse bearing. All sizes have generous line capacities range from 270yd of 30lb braid up to a massive 310yd of 100lb braid.

The sealed drag, big strong parts, impressive design and Fin-Nor reliabilityin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods have been designed with saltwater fishos in mind. Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods deliver reliability and the rugged toughness that every angler worth his salt needs. Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods are pure power. An amazing range of weight and length classes including the lightweight and fun 6’6, allows you the choice of picking a Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rod that suits your style to the T. Then there are the tough overhead classes, which include roller tips for heavy duty trolling.

Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods really pack a punch. Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods deliver what they promise. The integrated solid tip rod blank gives you balance with precise engineering to catch bigger game. The under bound and over bound stainless steel guides add more metal to the mix, ensuring that your rod is as robust and long-lasting as anything else you’ve ever used before.

Fin-Nor Lethal Fishing Rods really are lethal and are your ticket to raising your fishing game to the next level.


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