Kokoda Nylon Coated Wire

There are a significant number of fish with teeth that will shred the toughest of leaders into tiny ribbons with a shake of its head, or, just bite straight through it. It’s bad enough to lose a prize Wahoo or Spaniard, or even miss your chance at a record Mackerel but more than likely, you are going to be pretty disappoint to lose your favourite lure that cost you a touch under 40 bucks.

Sometimes, there is just no substitute for wire, and if you’re to be serious, depending on your target, it’s an essential. Kokoda wire with crimps is an affordable way to deal with teeth. The multi strand, nylon coated wire is your answer for crating your own custom wire traces. While pre-fab wire trace is available, Kokoda wire with crimps provides you all the materials you need to make your traces perfect for the application.

Sold in 10 meter rolls, game anglers with find this ample and cost effective as wire trace need be no longer than a foot in length to save your leader from a slashing end. Wire is available in 75lb, 90lb, 120lb or 200lb, covering you for most offshore game and pelagic applications, whether using trolled lures, or flesh baits.

Be sure to check out our range of pliers. The chore of making custom wire trace is faster and more accurate when using an appropriate tool, designed specifically for the job.

Kokoda wire has great flex and is very easy to handle. There are 70 crimps per pack providing you with plenty of finished traces. Kokoda wire with crimps for sale now. If you really want to catch fish with big sharp teeth, you really need wire to avoid heartbreak. Stock up on Kokoda wire with crimps now.


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