Lucky Craft 78xd Pointer Gekiatsu Japan

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The Pointer 78DD is a deep diving jerkbait. With the same look and design as the ever-popular Lucky Craft Pointer, this new bait dive deeper than ever before.

The Pointer DDs can dive to nearly 7 feet.

The Pointer 78DD is great cold water baits. When the fish get lethargic and inactive, it is important to take the bait to them; not expect them to come and get it.

As do all Lucky Craft baits, the Pointer DD jerkbaits run true straight out of the package. Often, many long-billed jerkbaits lose the ability to run true and stay precise. However, Lucky Craft has found a way to elongate the bills while keeping the baits true straight out of the package.

Designed specifically for Barra and Jacks the Australian Barra series from Lucky Craft are all fitted with Decoy W-77 trebles. These lures are ready to fish from the pack.


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