Lucky Craft LL Pointer Sinking Jerkbait

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LL Pointer 180

A jointed sinking jerkbait with excellent swimming action. This lure measures 180mm long and is 52g. It combines a nice slender profile with excellent swimming action. The line tie on the 180 is on the lure’s nose but pointed downward at a 45 degree angle, which produces a slightly more erratic swimming action and a more nose down posture in the water. Fitted with quality sw hooks. 180mm 52g slow sinking. Made in Japan.

LL Pointer 200

Weighted so it falls horizontally in the water with a wiggling vibration that produces an excellent flash that will attract many fish from deep water. Count it down and fish it throughout the water column. With a few jerks, the LL Pointer 200 will produce an excellent side-to-side slashing and gliding action. Fitted with quality saltwater hooks. 200mm 69g slow sinking. Made in Japan.


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