Maria Floating Crankbait S38F Hard Body Lure

If you're after an affordable Japanese fishing lure, look no further than the Maria Crank MC1- S38F crank bait fishing lure. Made in Japan by Yamira Corp. A company which produces Yamashita and Maria brands which are known worldwide for quality excellence and lures that perform well. The Maria Crank fishing lure model MC-1 S38F is a small diving style fat crank fishing lure that is 38mm in length ideally suited to fishing for a massive range of fish species. Only a few examples that Maria Crank fishing lures will work well on are bream, bass, trout, perch, mangrove jack and a range of other predators that lurk in places such as dams, impoundments, estuaries, bays or inlets or any other similar environment.

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