Megabass Anthrax Hard Body Lure

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The ANTHRAX is probably the most unconventional looking bait to be added to the Megabass lineup. It swims, actually ‘rolls’, with its belly up and the large anal fi n hits the water surface if exposed and ‘scrambles’ the water if submerged. Thanks to the newly developed ROLLER GYRO BALACER SYSTEM (PAT.), there is enough torque for the fi n to overpower the water resistance. The ANTHRAX is designed to create the boiling action of panicked baitfi sh with a twitch. And if retrieved with your rod tip up it will make unique water surface disturbance like the GRIFFON ZERO, and with the rod tip down it is a subsurface crank minnow. The ANTHRAX captures for the fi rst time the action of the panicked bait, which creates those familiar boils on the water.

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