The Sinking stickbait Trigya Or Poi is world renowned for it's huge erratic darting action, one of the best tuna stickbait in Australia. Also best kingfish stickbait available.

Measuring in at 148mm the sinking stickbait was designed for mahi mahi, bluefin tuna, longtail tuna and yellowfin tuna, yellowtail kingfish and mackerel. 

Shaped with a beefy fat belly and flat sides, the Or Poi generates an erratic darting and skipping action that attracts attention from a wide area.

When stationary, the lure hangs diagonally, ensuring speedsters that attack the back end of a bait have nowhere to go!

Added benefit of the tail down angle thanks to the careful weighting Megabass has developed, results in fast, true and long distance casts, offering great accuracy even in windy conditions.

Made from thick and tough ABS plastic body with stainless through wire, the Or-Poi won't let you down.

Ideal stick bait for Kingfish, Tuna, Dorado (Dolphin Fish) and all medium tackle.


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