Momoi Extra Hard Leader

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For challenging fishing situations a tough reliable leader is imperative, and there aren’t many leaders that are as tough as Momoi Hi-Catch fishing leader

Manufacturing fishing lines for over 100yrs in Japan, Momoi Hi-Catch fishing leader is renowned for its high abrasion resistance and durability, hence its popularity as a heavy game fishing leader.

Featuring a thick hard wearing outer layer with a limp core, Momoi Hi-Catch is supple enough to not hamper a lure or bait’s action, yet still remains incredibly tough after hours of rubbing along the teeth of a hooked tuna, or sliding around on the rough surface of a marlin’s bill.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • Clear in colour
  • Made in JAPAN
  • High resistance to UV light


  • 200lb Extra Hard Leader - 1.45mm - (Suits Crimp Size 1.7mm)
  • 300lb Extra Hard Leader - 1.80mm - (Suits Crimp Size 2.0mm)
  • 400lb Extra Hard Leader - 2.05mm - (Suits Crimp Size 2.3mm)
  • 500lb Extra Hard Leader - 2.2mm - (Suits Crimp Size 2.6mm)

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