Neptune Barra Gold Fishing Lure

The Barra Gold  lure has been specifically designed to catch one of Australia's premium fish, the Barramundi. Suitable for salt water and freshwater fish you will find this lure works very well not just only on Barramundi but also Kingfish, Yellowbelly, Mangrove Jack, Mackerel, Tuna, Bass, Cod, Trevally and many more. Features a tight "wobble" swimming action, loud sonic rattle, heavy duty stainless steel split rings and strong permasteel treble hooks.

1 metres
Target Species
Barramundi, Kingfish, nMangrove Jack, Mackerel, Tuna, Bass, Cod, Trevally, and many more.
Small: 90 mm
Medium: 120 mm
Large: 150 mm
Product Weight
Small: 9 g
Medium: 13 g
Large: 25 g

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