Cush It Soft Gimbal Large Silver

  • The Cush-It is a light, durable, versatile fish fighting aid, used extensively and recommended by the Nomad Sportfishing team.
  • Bends & grips against body, eliminates all pain caused by a rod butt.
  • Easy to store & can be slipped on a rod quickly.
  • Doesn't slip or twist during use
  • Allows angler to battle fish in any position - can transform a cooler or esky into a fighting chair
  • Super tough & strong.  UV resistant.

Medium-All Species Cush-It

  • Use for spinning rods & light to medium tackle general purpose rods
  • External length 155cm

Large-Big Game Cush-It

  • Use for trolling rods up to 50lbs (24kg)
  • External length 250cm

Small- Inshore-Freshwater Cush-It

  • Use for light spin rods, baitcast rods, childrens' rods
  • External length 100cm
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