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Owner Kizuna PE X8 Broad 300m Multi Colour

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OWNER "Kizuna" use 100% of Izanas fibre; and is a 100%, Japan developed braid. Special braiding machines were developed for braiding fishing line in Japan. They have very unique braid-manufacturing methods which separates them from the competition. It is called "ALB construction". Anti-Loosen-Braided construction is very unique and is the best fishing line out there.

ALB construction provide the best strength and flexibility simultaneously! By mixing the direction of rotations of each strand; it significantly tightens the braid (depending on the position of the line). This technique makes it almost impossible for the line to loosen. ALB construction is also made as a short-pitch braid, but retains superb stretch, elasticity and strength.

  • Made of IZANAS ultra high strength polyethylene fibre
  • ALB unique braiding construction: tighter braid that doesn't get loosen
  • Highest level of tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • More casting distance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • No degradation due to water absorption
  • 100% made in Japan