Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner Oil 4oz

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Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner with IR39 Corrosion Inhibitors is a superior cleaner and rust inhibitor for use with all fishing tackle.
Use Penn Cleaner & Corrosion inhibitor to remove build-up on all internal parts of your reel while doing scheduled preventive maintenance.

Spray on all type of rods, reels and lines then lightly wipe down after returning from your trip to help prevent moisture and salt build-up that can be a major cause of corrosion.
Penn Cleaner & Corrosion Inhibitor will have no adverse effects on line and/or composite material on your equipment.

Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner is perfect for interior & exterior reel parts, rods, pliers and knives.
It is also helps prevent corrosion and salt build up.
It comes in a convenient 4 fl oz (118.3mL) spray bottle.

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