Platypus Super Braid

Platypus Super Braid Fishing Line utilizes 100% Ultra High Molecular Weight PE, for the minimal stretch and ultra-thin diameter now found in new types of braids.

This line has some incredible traits including that fact that it is ten times stronger than steel, it will not absorb water, it won't deteriorate from the sunlight, it has no line memory, and lastly, it does not suffer from fluffing after the fused coating begins to wear.

Platypus Super Braid Fishing Line has plenty of body to cast extremely far while being pliable enough to ensure tremendous usability and handling. It provides situation awareness and incredible "feel" when lure fishing.

Platypus Super Braid Fishing Line Features:

  • Crisper Lure Action
  • Not Weakened By Sunlight
  • Runs Lures deeper Exceptional
  • Strength To Diameter Ratio
  • Phenomenal Sensitivity From Near Zero Stretch

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