Quantum Smoke Baitcast Rod

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If you’re looking for a powerful yet versatile fishing rod which does not end up being a burden on your pocket, the cost and features of the Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods will just blow you away.

In order to be successful out on the water, you need a fishing rod that is up to the task. Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods are exceptionally well designed with a focus on providing you with casting and fighting experience beyond your expectations.

Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods feature high-modulus carbon blanks that have tremendous strength and flexibility to give you more confidence loading up on fish. Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods can handle the heat and pressure of battle. When you finally get the bite you’ve been waiting for, you can dominate fish with confidence with a Quantum Smoke Fishing Rod.

Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods are versatile and their stylish looks stand out from the pack. The braid-friendly guides are sleek and tough to improve casting performance and longevity. Whether you prefer the spin or baitcasting models, there is a variety of options for you to choose from. Even the lighter weight classes offer strength that will out perform comparable rods.

Ergonomic and well balanced with refined actions, Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods are light and comfortable to use. You won’t have any problems casting these bad boys all day, making them an ideal choice for anglers who take their fishing and gear very seriously.

Quantum Smoke Fishing Rods come in a variety of sizes ranging from ultralight and fast action spin rods to moderately heavy inshore spin rods ideal for jigging plasitcs. There are also several baitcasting rods that are ideal for lure fishing in creeks or dams. Pair up your Quantum Smoke Fishing Rod with a Quantum Smoke Fishing Reel for an awesome outfit.


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