Rapala Compact Floating Aerator

The RCD Compact Floating Aerator is powered by 6 AA batteries, which are located inside its watertight interior. These batteries are easily replaceable using the quick-release fasteners on both sides. With over 31 hours runtime on 15-minute interval setting or 14 hours of continuous runtime, the batteries last for a relatively long time. You can find the controller for interval or continuous operation inside the aerator. On cooler days, the interval operation works well and saves energy significantly.

As soon as the bottom of the pump comes in contact with water, it starts to release oxygen into the water via the air vent. This is a very practical and energy-saving function.

When testing the aerator, I could see that the really small aerator inside the bucket is not in the way and it does its job really well - it runs smoothly and releases enough oxygen for a bucket full of baitfish.

Well, for me, the benefits are obvious: the modern design without annoying cables, automatic commissioning and integrated battery compartment make this handy thing an irreplaceable part of the bait fish angling.

Technical data:
- Aerates 1.2 liters per minute
- Two settings: 14 hour continuous runtime or 31 hour runtime on 15 minute intervals
- 6 x AA batteries
- Stone air vents
- Activates when it comes in contact with water
- Waterproof
- Quick release-opening

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