Rapala R-Type Overhead Jig Rod

Rapala R-Type rods have been designed from the ground up to catch the biggest fish in Australian waters. Encompassing ten models in both spin and overhead configurations, the range of Rapala R-Type has something for everyone. Constructed using a special combination of interlocking linear graphite cloth, the R-Type blanks reduce ovalisation and twisting under load, producing an extremely powerful blank capable of pushing anglers and fish to their limits. 
Outfitted with quality Fuji components and the best quality ultra high-density EVA for the custom shaped grips, the new Rapala R-Type rods are built to last. 

With models suited to all sorts of heavy-duty fishing, the R-Type series have technique specific actions catered to Australia's most popular sportsfishing techniques. If you feel like throwing plastics for snapper or kingfish, you'll want to look at the 702M. If stickbaiting for reef fish is more your thing, maybe think about the 762MH. If you want to throw poppers at bone jarring giant trevally, then reach of the 762XH and get popping. The range also encompasses jigging specific models, for when you want to drop some heavy lead on big samsonfish or amberjack.

The new Rapala R-Type rods continue Rapala's tradition of seriously effective bluewater tackle, perfectly matched to the range of R-Type reels.
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