Rapala X-RAP Magnum Prey Long-Casting 10cm Sinking Stickbait

Rapala X-RAP Magnum Prey Long-Casting 10cm Sinking Stickbait

Heavy contruction, weighted extra heavy for extreme casting distances and featuring a darting baitfish action, the X-rap Magnum Prey is a great lure for fast and aggressive predator species feeding on top or in the shallows. Equipped with VMC 3X Strong Coastal Black Trebles, the Mag prey weighs 41 grams and comes in 12 great colours.

A compact long cast stickbait from Rapala, features a beautiful flutter on the drop. Works with a variety of techniques from sub surface sweeps to skipping on top. Just add a boiling school of tuna, cast and repeat.

Built heavy and aerodynamic for extreme casting distances, Rapala X-Rap Magnum Prey delivers even in the most demanding saltwater fishing conditions. Heavy-duty constructions stands up to the strongest of saltwater beasts. Lipless design and fluttering action on the drop allow natural baitfish-imitating presentations. On fast retrieve the lure will skip on the surface like a fleeing baitfish.

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