Rapala X-Spin Spin Reel

Rapala X-Spin Spin Reel

The Rapala X-Spin features a lightweight graphite body and rotor to keep this reel light in the hand and easy to use.

Rapala has also designed a ported, braid-ready alloy spool with an oversize bail wire to give years of faithful service to this general-purpose reel.
Ideal for the holidaymaker who may want to chase flathead, bream, whiting, snapper, or even blackfish, the Rapala X-Spin 3000 is the perfect size and price.

Finishing off this reel is a CNC machined handle with EVA knob, 5 Stainless bearings for smooth operation and durability, and an infinite anti-reverse that stops back play of the handle when a fish strikes.

  • Graphite Body
  • Braid Ready ALU Spool
  • Machined Handle with EVA Knob
  • 5 Stainless Bearings
  • Infinite Anit Reverse
  • 5.5:1
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