River2Sea Cicada Pop Surface Lure

The River2Sea Cicada Surface Lure has been designed to mimic the look and action of a cicada walking on water. Made with durable, hard-plastic, the Cicada Surface Lure will produce a very realistic walking style when using a slow retrieve method.

Using the slow retrieve with light rod twitches will give you the best results. Weighing only 8 grams, River 2 Sea have created an easily controllable lure, especially in high-snag areas. Weave in and out of the thick snags with confidence, as this lure will turn even the least experienced fisherman into a pro with a few casts.

This little lure is a great buy and will land you that huge freshwater monster you’ve been searching for all year.Fish the toughest of spots, knowing the Cicada will withstand snags and strikes, and help you create another great fishing memory.


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