River2Sea Step WA Frog

The River 2 Sea Step Wa lure a surface walking frog imitation fishing lure with a unique cup style bib. The River 2 Sea Step Wa Frog Fishing Lure will wobble its way across the surface with a slow steady retrieve and will create a gargling sound as it wobbles along with an amazing ability to provoke some monster strikes!

The River 2 Sea Step Wa fishing lure is armed with River to Sea’s famous and exclusive Big Bite Double Hook, super sharp and effective and designed not to snag up on weeds and timber and making it a great lure to bounce amongst the Lillie pads for Saratoga! At 70mm in length the River 2 Sea Step Wa fishing lure is the perfect size for a frog replica and has proven to be absolute dynamite on species such as Big Australian Bass, Barramundi, Saratoga, Murray Cod and various Perch species.

So if you’re fishing weed beds or timber or even open water the River 2 Sea Step Wa is ready for action! For some super exciting fishing try using the River 2 Sea Step Wa Fishing Lure during the night for some heart stoping surface explosions that will have you hooked on the mighty frog!

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