Shimano Classix Spin Rod

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  • Model: Shimano Classix 702M SQ Spin Medium
  • 2.13m (7ft)
  • 2 Piece Fishing Rod
  • Fishing line rating of 2-5 kg
  • Lure weights 3-12g
  • Cork grips
  • Graphite Blank
  • Zirconium guides


  • At 2.13m in length with a line rating of 2-5kg, the Shimano Classix 702M fishing rod is a versatile rod suitable for a myriad of shore and light boat based angling styles. Perfect for fishing in the lakes, rivers, bays etc.
  • This is a 2 piece fishing rod (splits evenly in half) which makes transportation and storage of the Classix 702M spin fishing rod a lot easier.
  • Cork grips on the Classix 702M fishing rod help contribute to the overall light weight of this rod, but most importantly allow for extra sensitivity ensuring that you get to feel each and every bite more effectively.
  • Quality graphite blank ensures that you have a rod that is light in weight and very responsive, as well as having great casting ability. Meaning you can get your lure in the zone, and then work it effectively to temp strikes from finicky fish.
  • Zirconium rod guides are great for all types of fishing line but especially important is their durability combined with their light weight. When fishing with braided fishing line, the Zirconium rod guides will handle the braid with ease.

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