Shimano Revolution Offshore Spin Rod

If you an angler that likes to travel then we have a fishing rod that is portable, light weight for its class and quite responsive. Here at Fishing Tackle Shop we introduce to you the new range of Shimano Revolution Travel rods. There are a few rods in the range and all you need to do is pick the one that best suits your application, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to purchase. We will cover a bit about each travel rod for sale in the Shimano revolution range below in our features and specifications section.

Shimano Revolution travel rods are the newer evolution and upgrade of the older Shimano T-curve travel rod range an what makes this new series all the more superior is that they now feature fuji Alconite K Guides compared to the older series which used a pac bay sea guide. So you’re now getting a much more advanced quality fishing rod for the same price range. How good is that!

For Sale, Our range stems from the 703 light to medium model that covers lighter inshore and offshore applications right through to the ever popular biggest selling model which is the Shimano Revolution 763 Heavy travel rod. We have sold so many of this particular size it goes into the hundreds! Why is it so popular? Well there just isn’t another heavy spin travel fishing rod on the market that compares for quality and price point. We see the 763 as a popular choice for those anglers chasing heavy weight fish species such as large mackerel, queenfish, emperor and even GT or otherwise known as Giant Trevally. 


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