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Shimano Sienna Spin Reel

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Shimano Sienna Spin Reel
The Shimano Sienna series is a simple, robust, and capable reel series. Within the range is 1000, 2500, C3000 and 4000 size available which opens a range of light line fishing options, from whiting through to flathead, snapper through to golden perch.
With braided fishing line becoming more popular the Sienna reels are well suited as the AR-C spool increases distance by preventing wind knots and creating smaller loops leaving from the reel before running through the stripping guide.

Depending on the location you’ll see barra anglers fishing the 4000, snapper anglers loving the durability and performance, and flathead anglers enjoying the casting distance. Moving to the smaller sizes, 2500 will make a brilliant general light estuary, lake, and everyday inshore reel and the Sienna 1000 will be loved by finesse anglers chasing whiting, trout, and bream on ultra-light line classes.

The drag power rating is between 3kg and 8.5kg, which is more than enough to handle any oversized fish that bring a thrill to your day on the water.
Finished in a black and red cosmetic, they match great with many of Shimano’s fibreglass and graphite rods.

The Sienna is a reel for every angler. Regardless of if you are new to the sport or an
experienced angler, the Shimano Sienna is amazing to use.

  • AR-C Spool
  • G-Free body
  • 3+1 Ball bearings