Shogun Shark Wire Trace

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Save your time and effort for a shark trace actually worth your hard-earned cash. Compared to other shark traces, lesser versions can be poorly made and could even cost you those sharks you desperately want to catch. Shogun has taken care of everything in advance with these high-quality traces.

Heavy Duty and available in either 200lb, 400lb or 1000lb ratings for shark and game fishing. Of the three Shogun shark traces sold here at the Fishing Tackle Shop, this 1000lbs/4m trace is the undisputed heavyweight of the trio. This shark trace and its 7X7 stainless steel uncoated wire will offer plenty of power as you try to bring in resistant sharks. The 200lb and 400lb also are made using the best 7x7 strand wire available.

The solid construction of the trace is clearly evident in the use of brass crimps and loop protectors for guaranteeing the secure feel of the trace. And because Shogun maintains quality throughout this trace, you will have the luxury of a rugged 7734 heavy-duty game hook to back you up.


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