Squidgies Pro Wriggler Soft Plastics

The Squidgy Wriggler has an important position in anyone’s tackle box. Not only will it catch flathead, bream, flounder, whiting and even luderick at times, it will also help you catch pelagics, mulloway, amberjack, coral trout, mulloway and snapper.

The curl-tailed grub will emit plenty of vibration as it sinks down through the water column, attracting the attention of passing fish. It has a finer tail which will create a very fast wriggling action that gives off more vibrations. The shape and design of the belly flaps also plays an important part in making this such a great lure. It causes a distinctive sonic presence, and no other soft plastic on the market today so closely mimics the swimming action of Australian marine worms, shrimps, prawns and other invertebrates.

The design of Squidgy soft plastic will be around for a long time to come, because it is so good you can’t go past it.

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