Squidgy Pro Prawn Paddle Tail Soft Plastics

If you target flathead, barramundi, cod, snapper, mulloway or anything else that would readily take a large prawn or shrimp as part of its diet take note of this amazing design from our friends at Squidgies.

A prawn is such a broad and versatile bait that can be used in so many situations from inshore to offshore and let’s face it there wouldn’t be many fish species that would pass up an opportunity to scoff down a big juicy prawn which just happened to be swimming by.

Squidgies have designed this lure to be used in the freshwater to imitate either a cherabin shrimp or yabby and in the salt to resemble the humble saltwater prawn but Squidgy have gone one step further and incorporated an ingenious tail design which is a paddle tail offering strong actions when the lure is retrieved. All in which further grabs the attention of any fish passing by.

Because the Squidgy Paddle Prawn lure is part of the Squidgy pro range it also means that each and every packet sold comes with the famous S Factor Scent and this really does help improve strike rates, especially when the fish are there but a little shut down.

When you have a good idea of the depth you’ll be fishing the only tough decision when it comes to the paddle tail is the colour will you use. Firstly, as there are only a few in the range so if your budget allows for it then it would be best to own all colours, then you know you’re covered. Fish, particularly Barra can often been strangely choosy, and hard and fast colour rules don’t always apply. However, it’s always best to start by the book before you experiment and your best option is to go for much darker colour when the water is murky. When the water has a high level of clarity go for the lighter or more natural colours.


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