Storm Gomoku Adajo Plus 6'3" PE 4 Cast

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The long-awaited slow-jigging rod from Storm has finally arrived. The new Gomoku Adajo is designed to work slow-style jigs easily with each pitch or crank. The Gomoku Adajo is built on a 30 & 40 ton blend graphite blank with a slow taper for optimal recoil when working slow jigs up to 200 grams. Jigging upstrokes are less taxing on the angler and the optimal recoil allows for a greater tension ‘free-fall’ on the drop to bring out the slow jig’s optimal fluttering action.


Adajo Slow Jigging rods are built uniquely in comparison to a regular Gomoku rod. Their action is perfectly suited to fishing jigs slowly for species unlikely to chase a fast moving jig. Slow jigging is perfectly suited to chasing fish like snapper, that tend to sit close to the bottom and don't respond well to fast moving baits or lures. A slow style rod will have a unique response to each and every jigging movement you impart on the rod, sending your jig gliding off to the side without travelling far off the bottom. This allows the jig to flutter almost instantly on its descent, which is when you're likely to get a strike from your target species.


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