Storm Gomoku Pencil 45mm Hard Body Lure

Storm Gomoku Pencil 45F

The Storm Gomoku Pencil has been specifically designed for Australia's light line anglers.

Translucent and holographic lure patterns mimic the natural baitfish that our estuary species feed on.

Take the Gomoku Pencil for a walk across the surface and watch the fish follow. 

Available in both a 45mm and 60mm size, the Gomoku Pencil is the perfect topwater presentation for bream and bass.

An easy to use walk the dog action draws fish from far and wide.
Fitted with needle sharp VMC trebles, you won't miss 'em with the Gomoku Pencil.


  • Ultra light pencil with lots of attitude 
    • Flees across the surface like a wounded baitfish 
    • Strong flash off the sides 
    • Turns side to side when twitched 
    • Premium VMC nickel plated hooks 

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