Topwater & Jigging Travel Bundle

Topwater and Jigging travel Bundle. 

This pack has been carefully selected by Bergie for the fisho who is heading out on a fishing adventure chasing Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout and Dog Tooth Tuna to name a few. This pack has a balance of handcrafted Stickbaits, Poppers and a range of Jigs of different weights. All lures will come rigged with BKK trebles and BKK split rings all presented in a Wilson tackle tray.
This pack takes the guesswork out of selecting colours and lures that work. Each one has been tested extensively by Bergie with outstanding results in locations like Vanuatu, the Coral Sea reefs, The Great Barrier Reef, PNG and various locations in the Kimberly WA.
Purchasing a bundle will also SAVE YOU OVER $80 than if you were buying the stock individually. Tight Lines, Bergie

Brands included are Catez lures, Claw lures, West Coast Poppers, Halco, BKK hooks and rings, Nomad lures, Entice jigs and Wilson. Colours may vary from those pictured
  • 2 x Entice Seeker Jig 180g
  • 3 x Entice Seeker Jig 130g
  • 1 x Entice Juicer Jig 60g
  • 2 x Entice Juicer Jig 200g
  • 1 x Entice Flop Jig 60g
  • 1 x Entice Flop Jig 80g
  • 2 x Nomad Design Gypsea Jig 120g
  • 1 x Nomad Design Buffalo Jig 120g
  • 2 x BKK Raptor-Z Trebles Size 5/0
  • 1 x BKK GT Rex Trebles Size 6/0
  • 2 x BKK Split Rings
  • 1 x Halco Roosta Popper 195mm
  • 1 x Claw Fat Dog Popper 140G
  • 1 X West Coast Poppers Legendre Popper 145g
  • 1 x West Coast Poppers Gangsta Popper 145g
  • 1 x West Coast Poppers Slow Sinking Reef Stick 120g
  • 1 x West Coast Poppers Slow Sinking Reek Stick 60g 
  • 1 x Catez Slender Popper 100g
  • 1 X Catez Flat Bottom Floating Stickbait 80g
  • 1 X Wilson Deluxe Tackle Tray

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