WFT Strong Braid

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WFT Strong Braid is one of the most popular and robust fishing braids and fishing line in the world today. It has been improved beyond recognition from its earlier versions and features tighter braids that make the fishing line stronger than ever. WFT Strong Braid has been extra coated to guard against corrosion and abrasion, giving it a much better life expectancy if you’re angling over reefs or other rocky areas.

WFT Strong Braid is a 15-year development that has maximised its pitch per inch without increasing the diameter or stretch. The fishing line is made from pre-stretched PE fibres for incredible strength-to-diameter ratio. A thinner line means a longer cast and easier retrieve. Never before has a line so thin offered so much strength.

The Chartreuse coloured WFT Strong Braid Fishing Line is easy to see and follow even in failing light conditions. It is ideal for deep sea fishing or spin angling by giving you better visibility of your line to detect bites and strikes! Now, you can keep an eye on your line at all times and stay on top of your game.

So next time you head out chasing trophy fish, make sure you have the WFT Strong Braid Fishing Line on your favourite reel. It might well be the difference between your day ending in frustration or jubilation. WFT Strong Braid is available in 300 and 600 metre spools and a wide variety of diameters and line weights.

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