Williamson Live Swimming Ballyhoo Combo

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5.5 Inch Williamson Swimming Ballyhoo Combo Lure

The combination of a pusher head with a swimming paddle tail body creates a double surface action and bubble trail tha is irresistible to billfish and other large game fish species.

The durable plastic body utilizes internal holographic foil for added flash

Pre-rigged with a premium VMC 3/0 hook and 5 feet of 85lb leader, this lure is conveniently ready to use straight out of the packet.


  • Large Ballyhoo Paddle Tail with Sailfish Catcher Pusher Head
  • Fast Swimming Action Up To 7 Knots
  • Holographic 3D Eye
  • Paddletail Embedded with Life-Like Holographic Foil
  • Pre-Rigged with VMC 3/0 Perma Steel Hook and 5 feet of 85 lb. Sufix Leader

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