Wilson Dual Bait Offshore Rig

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If you are tired of the hassle created with re-rigging, then we may have the answer for you. Spend more time fishing with the Wilson Dual Bait Offshore Rig that comes a single 8/0 hook and a snooded pair of 6/0 hooks on a paternoster rig.

This means that you can use a whole bait on the 6/0s, and a smaller bait on the 8/0 hook. This will hopefully attract larger fish species.

This paternoster rig is ideal to have in your tackle box ready for the next time that you go fishing for bay and offshore species such as snapper. It would be just a matter of attaching it to your main-line and attaching a sinker. The hardest choice you will need to make is what type of bait you will put on.

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