Wilson Tailor Rig 3/0

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Terminal tackle has a tendency to be left behind on occasions. If you are tired of the hassle created with re-rigging, then we may have the answer for you. Spend more time fishing with the Wilson Tailor Rig, with its 3 x 3/0 ganged hooks that are ideal when using whole pilchards for bait. To help you avoid line twist, the rig comes complete with a swivel. Tailor are notorious for chewing through fishing line which means a wire or ganged hook rig is a must. If you dont want the hassle of tying rigs on the beach or rocks, then this product has your name on it.

The ganged hook rig would suit any of the large baits, like whole pilchards, garfish, slimy mackerel, mullet and yellowtail.

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