Zman GrubZ Soft Plastics

ZMan brought the curly tail plastic back to life and into a new era with their 10X Tough, buoyant, super-soft and flexible ElaZtech construction. This gave new life to the curly tail, creating maximum action, even with minimal movement and at slow retrieve speeds.

The built-in buoyancy also gave the ZMan GrubZ range a seductive tail-up action on the drop and a natural tail-up feeding action when at rest on the bottom, over time accounting for an incredible variety of fish species.

Add to this the 10X Tough construction and you have a plastic that can be smashed and crunched time and time again, even by toothy critters and keep coming back for more.

Whether you are wanting to give soft plastics fishing a go, or you’re an experienced plastic flicker looking for a new weapon, the ZMan GrubZ family has a proven track record on Australia’s most popular target species. Fish on!

When the ZMan 2.5" GrubZ became available in Australia it exploded in popularity, winning bream and bass tournaments and accounting for a myriad of species.

2" After requests from anglers Tackle Tactics has worked closely with ZMan US to design a smaller, more finesse version of this dynamite litte plastic, the 2" GrubZ. This smaller curl tail will be a deadly presentation when the bite is tough, the fish finicky and the bait tiny. As well as taking up residence in the bream tournament angler's box, this little curl tail will also be effective on trout, redfin, bass, yellowbelly, saratoga and a myriad of other species that feed on small insects, baitfish and crustacean.

2.5" A short stocky body makes the 2.5” GrubZ perfect for smaller hooks and the long curl tail has an irresistible action. Not just an ideal bream plastic though, the ZMan 2.5” GrubZ are sure to prove deadly on a range of species, including Bass, Redfin, Trout and maybe be that jellybean presentation you are looking for when targeting other species.

3.5" The ZMan 3.5” GrubZ are sure to be as popular as it is versatile. Its profile and action will suit everything from bass and golden perch in the fresh, to flathead, mulloway and mangrove jack in the estuaries and out onto the shallow reefs and rubble patches in search of snapper and other reef species.

9" Fishing off boats with soft plastic lures for snapper and other reef fishing is fast becoming one of the most popular styles of offshore reef fishing and Zman realize this so have produced a grub big enough to entice the oceans predators to take a swipe at what they believe is a meal that simply should not get away and that is in the form of the 9 inch size Zman Grubz Soft Plastic Fishing lures. However, don’t for a single second think that the Zman 9 inch grub tail lure is only for offshore as you would be totally wrong! This soft plastic lure is also ideal for use in rivers and lakes to chase species such as 90cm+ flathead or prized mulloway. Barramundi and Cod are 2 other species that could be added to the list.

  •  2" = 8 Lures per pack
  •  2.5" = 8 Lures per pack
  •  3.5" = 6 Lures per pack
  •  9" = 3 Lures per pack

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