Zman Scented Paddlerz Soft Plastics

This is a realistic baitfish profile that has already proven to be dynamite on flathead, snapper, mulloway, barramundi, mangrove jack and more. The segmented tail design of the Scented Paddlerz creates maximum action with minimal movement, making it an extremely versatile lure option. Try slow-rolling it like a swim bait, or twitch it and hop it like a jerk bait, or retrieve it at speed for pelagic species. The 4-inch Paddlerz can handle whatever technique you throw at it.

This is an extremely versatile soft plastic that can be used in just about all fishing scenarios, and it should take pride of place in your tackle bag, whether you fish off the shore or out of a boat. 

Try casting the Zman Paddlerz into a school of feeding fish, the washes off the rocks, or into the deep gutters off your favourite beach for tailor, Aussie salmon, flathead and mulloway. A must-have lure!

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