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Blue swimmer crab basics

April 21, 2021 2 min read

Blue swimmer crab basics by Addict Tackle

The blue swimmer, blue manna or sand crab is one of the tastiest crustaceans in the southern waters of Australia, and is relatively easy to gather and harvest. Compared to the larger mud crabs in northern waters, collecting a feed of blue swimmer crabs is pleasant and doesn’t involve pushing into muddy creeks with mangrove forests, mosquitoes and crocodiles! In some areas, blue swimmers are so abundant that crabbers can find them walking across shallow flats. In other areas, pots or witches hats are used, depending on local regulations.

Blue swimmer crabs is a term used to describe several similar but different species of crab, all of which have similar physical features and good eating qualities. They can be caught in tropical waters, but not nearly in the same numbers as in places like South Australia and southern Western Australia.

If using pots or witches hats, be sure to label them as per regulation. The Wilson Crabbing ID Kit provides water proof material that will make this task easier. If using a pot, Wilson Surecatch Wire Bait Holders will make sure the crabs don’t steal the bait. Addict Tackle Crab Pot Rope is a great option when looking for adequate rope to tie them off to.

If wading the shallows with a net or rake, as is the style in South Australia, it helps to have good footwear to avoid walking on anything sharp, or indeed a blue swimmer crab in slumber! The Adrenalin Boatie Neoprene Sneaker are a great boot for protecting your feet while not being bogged down by something that’s too heavy. If wading in cold water, or if you just want the extra protection, Wilson Waterproof Fishing Chest Waders will keep you dry and protected.

Being so widespread and fairly easy to gather, there’s no reason why you can’t gather a feed of these tasty animals! Their meat is superior to other species such as spanner crabs and mud crabs in many peoples’ opinion, and with this resource at your doorstep you’d be mad not to take advantage of it!

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