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How to Catch Kingfish: Strategies and Tactics

How to Catch Kingfish: Strategies and Tactics

Catching Kingfish in Australian waters can be a thrilling experience, requiring the right techniques and preparation. One effective method is jigging, especially during the warmer months when Kingfish are more active. Target deep reefs, pinnacles, and drop-offs, using heavy jigs to reach the depths where Kingfish often feed. Early mornings and late afternoons are prime times, coinciding with low light conditions when Kingfish are more likely to be feeding closer to the surface.

Another successful technique is live baiting, which involves using live squid, yellowtail, or slimy mackerel as bait. Fish near structure such as reefs, wrecks, or rocky outcrops, where Kingfish like to hunt for prey. Use a light wire trace to prevent bite-offs and allow the bait to swim naturally. This method is particularly effective during the cooler months when Kingfish are more sluggish and prefer live prey.

Trolling can also be effective, especially when targeting larger Kingfish. Use diving lures or skirted lures and vary the speed to mimic a wounded baitfish. Focus on areas with bait schools and structure, such as channel markers or rocky points. Pay attention to tide changes, as Kingfish are often more active during incoming tides. Additionally, using a sounder to locate schools of baitfish can increase your chances of finding Kingfish.

For targeting Kingfish in Australian waters, you'll want a rod and reel combination that offers the strength and versatility to handle these hard-fighting fish. Here are two options each for rods and reels:


Oceans Legacy Deep Element Jig Spin: This rod is specifically designed for jigging and is well-suited for targeting Kingfish. It offers the strength and sensitivity needed for offshore fishing.

Wilson Live Fibre Venom Deep Jig Spin: The Venom series is known for its durability and performance. This rod, in particular, is suitable for targeting larger fish like Kingfish.


Shimano Stella SW 14000XG: The Stella SW series is highly regarded for its smooth performance and durability. This reel is suitable for targeting Kingfish and offers a high line capacity.

Penn Slammer IV: The Penn Slammer is a reliable and robust reel that can handle the demands of offshore fishing. It offers a smooth drag system and is suitable for targeting Kingfish.

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